Your voice counts in Business

In this special interview we will discuss the ways that you can make your voice count when it comes to business, and in work situations. We answer the 10 questions that you what to know the answer to if you are in business:

1. What does your voice have to do with business?
2. Why does your voice count?
3. How to position your voice, meaning who you are to your clients?
4. Which voice will you use? (corporate, professional, friend, savior, mentor, parent, authority etc.)
5.  How personal does your voice have to be to reach your clients, coworkers or peers?
6. How to find your true voice? What are the fears about your business that you must overcome?
7. What makes your voice sing true? What are you most passionate about to offer and work with?
8. How to make your voice more authentic? (How to find those particular things that you are the only one who can share with your people.)
9. How to filter out distractions and only voice the things that makes a difference for your business?
10. Where to apply your voice fully in your business? What channels?

+David F Leopold is a Small Business Marketing expert and has an interest in educating Small Business Owners He says: *Today I am producing the “Branded Google+ HOA’s: “Dreaming With Entrepreneurs”.

Welcome to CONNECTIONS Forum for Relationships, Expression and Healing – Special Edition
Our show offers single episodes and short series of talks and interviews regarding the most important areas of human life, such as: Relationship Issues, Personal Expression & Self-development, and as well Healing of these areas.The purpose of our shows is to give inspiration and to teach skills with which to handle the emotional upheavals in which everybody ends up from time to time.

Your hosts are:
Margherita Crystal Lotus is an intuitive Life/Business Mentor, who helps professional women overcome emotional overwhelm and stress so they can have fulfilling relationships, and a flourishing career.

Heidi Hornlein is a transformational coach, who works with individuals, or couples who experience dissatisfaction in life to get more conscious about themselves and others and learn new skills in order to develop their innate potentials.

2 thoughts on “Your voice counts in Business

  1. Wow, Margherita! You are so quick in following up! The show was very interesting in many ways, not only for the content, but also in group dynamic. Worth to watch it again!
    Thank you for setting this up, Margherita!


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