EVENT on CONNECTIONS: Conversation with Anne-Cécile Graber about ASSUMPTIONS (Heidi Hornlein)

Your assumptions may silence the voices of others – with Anne-Cécile Graber

Some weeks ago I came across a blogpost by +Anne-Cécile Graber which immediately convinced me by it’s topic and the clarity with which she presented her thought.
With Connections we are inside the Mini-series Your voice counts . What happens when your voice gets shut down by others? – or also: are you aware that you are shutting down other voices, that you hinder other people to freely speak up? You might not be aware of it, but still do it!
Together with my co-host Margherita Crystal Lotus I invited Anne-Cécile Graber to explore how we – often unconsciously – prevail on others by being caught in our assumption and how we can enter into a more efficient and powerful conversation.

About our guest:
Anne-Cécile Graber has a Master of Arts in Organizational Sciences. She developed her interest in change management and the implication of emotions in organizations while working in multinationals and start-ups. Her work experience gave her the necessary understanding to help strategic changes. She decided to take a year off after her master degree to learn German and moved to Stuttgart in January 2014. She is now sharing her time between learning German and her passion for organization management with her online activities. You can find her on Google+ , twitter @annececilegrbe and blogger http://organizationalmanagment.blogspot.de/

I am sure you will enjoy the conversation. We will continue it with a future episode/video where we want to explore the different kinds of assumptions and how they impact our relationships.

Here is the exercise Anne-Cecile spoke about in our show:


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