Does your inner Self Talk drive you crazy?

Self-talk: learn how to handle the constant thought stream in your mind

Margherita in SwedenSelf-talk is the constant chatter that is going on in your head that can drive you crazy, especially when it becomes racing thoughts. The agony of racing thoughts and possible unstoppable reactions to these thoughts causes many people to experience stress, and according to the American Institute of Stress, the current annual costs in the US to employers due to stress related health care and missed work is $300 billion dollars. And, in 73% of people who regularly experience psychological symptoms, point to stress as the cause. Top reasons for stress is firstly job pressure, then money issues and thirdly compromised health, and then followed by issues within personal relationships. An increased stress level can result in physical symptoms, sleeplessness, anger, anxiety, nervousness and lack of energy.

Positive Self-Talk on the other hand is the chosen internal conversation such as repeating mantras, or affirmations. In this episode we will discuss how to deal with the inner self talk, and some strategies for calming, and for dealing with the constant thought stream in your mind. The content starts at 1 min. 21 sek.

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