Spiritual Practice for emotional balance to help busy women make room for what matters

Learn how Spiritual Practice improves emotional balance that helps busy women and men make room for what matters with special guest Vicki Lewis. In this episode you will learn 3 simple spiritual practices that you can apply when stress or overwhelm hits you. They are free and you can do them within minutes. Vicki also shares her definition about what spiritual practice is for her. Tuning in with your innate spirituality and make room for it in your life, the faster you see the results, such as: burst of joy, more contentment, and feeling you have a rich and fulfilling life. Spiritual practice is an essential life skill. Enjoy this video.

Our Special Guest is +Vicki Lewis, founder of Clarity Queen. She is a gifted energy healer and transformational coach who helps people have clarity and shift old patterns in any area of their lives and businesses in a fun and efficient way. She can get to root cause of any issue in matter of minutes and then lovingly guide you into taking back your power from any situation to create a deeper experience of joy, self-love and passion.hangout on connections

Since she was a child, she has had a deep connection with nature and animals. She a certified animal communicator who uses her abilities to help people better understand their pets through her Animal Communication Sessions. She is committed to helping people all over the globe overcome fear, lack, overwhelm and any limiting beliefs that may be holding them back from experiencing success, joy and prosperity.

Her humorous and heart-centered healing sessions inspire clarity, confidence, and breakthroughs in her clients’ lives and businesses. She believes that self-love is the answer to help you create what you truly desire. Learn more about Vicki Here!

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