What is your fear? Laughter Heals with special guest Elaine Nieberding

What is your fear? and how Laughter Heals!

Elaine NiberdingHow can laughter Heal Fear? Join us to consider what is your Fear and explore how Laughter Heals.   Elaine Nieberding is a Laughter Yoga teacher and “ho-ho-holistic nurse.” She says:

“It just takes a little TLC: timely laughter-care to bust fear — you know — False Evidence Appearing Real!”

Elaine hails from Maryland, USA (but she spells it M E R R Y L A N D, haha!) Since 1997 she’s served diverse groups in the Chesapeake Region of the US with holistic-care programs as a Reiki Master Teacher, motivational speaker, wellness educator, and even hospital bedside cancer-care nurse. Now her mission is inspiring leaders, visionaries and entrepreneurs to dump seriousness, shift from fear to love, and reignite playfulness in human relationships and daily self-care.

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Elaine’s website is www.yesLAUGH.com and she’s passionate about the power of Hangouts for personal and collective transformation connections. Elaine produced and hosted 3 World Laughter Day Hangouts this May featuring Laughter Yoga Founder Madan Kataria  and laughter luminaries from around the globe. Folks around the world got to practice “unconditional laughter” together all at the same time. Elaine Nieberding invites you to circle her on G+ and join in lively upcoming interactions on her new Hangout series *”The Holy ShiFt Show”*.  Word-play, laughter and self-discovery processes will mix with unique conversations about the dynamic times we’re *waking up within*!

CONNECTIONS Forum offers interviews and talks about the most important areas of our life, such as: handling #IntimateRelations, nurture #ConsciousAwareness, and #ExpressingYourself, and also how to continue your #PersonalHealing process. The Purpose of #ConnectionsForum is to inspire, and teach you skills for dealing with the mental-emotional upheavals that happens to anybody from time to time. All episodes are recorded and posted on our website: http://HangoutOnConnections.com

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YOUR HOSTS: +Margherita Crystal Lotus Intuitive Mentor/Healer/Author/Creative Artist and Consciousness Explorer and founder of The Crystal Lotus. + Heidi Hornlein. Transformational Relationship Coaching/Integral Practice/ Integral Voice Training, Paradiso Integrale Live Coaching Retreat

Connections replays on: http://HangoutOnConnections.com

ATTENDANCE NOTE: We suggest that if you are interested in this hangout to respond ‘yes’ even if you can’t attend live. When you respond ‘yes’ to the event, google will send you a notification at show time and will also add the event to your google calendar. If you miss the live show, simply go to your google calendar and click on the event from within the calendar to watch the replay

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