Making a difference in the world – Who and How? with Heidi Hornlein and Mark Davenport

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GooglePlusHeader KopieAre You a change-maker? Do you desire a better world for yourself and your children? Are you already engaged in taking steps into this direction?

If so, THANK YOU! You are desperately needed!

In occasion of their upcoming HOA show THE WISDOM FACTORY Heidi and Mark give you an introduction into what you can expect by watching and signing up for their show.

Everywhere in the world there are people genuinely interested in making a difference in the world, in adding their unique contribution to resolving the huge problems we are facing today. This begins with personal problems like poor health, depression or family distress. On the next level there are the problems in our communities and in our countries, like education, politics and economics. Most people limit themselves with trying hard to find solutions at these levels. And more and more they find out that it becomes impossible to just take care of their own family, let alone their tribe or country.  Rather they are discovering that we need a truly global view on our problems and a concerted effort in finding any resolution. Unfortunately the understanding of the necessity to work together globally to resolve the global problems which seem to be expressed in merely regional ways still eludes most of us.
+The Wisdom Factory will be a guideline for how create the change we need and what the single person like you and me can do to contribute to this change.
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About Heidi Hornlein
A native German and living in Italy for the past 30 years. I have an MA in communication science, was a professional singer, voice teacher, voice therapist before I was licensed in Gestalt Counseling and Transformative Coaching (Approach: ‘Feminine Power’ and related). I am also licensed as transformative leader. I am holding seminars and courses, live and online. My passion is 1:1 coaching for whatever difficulties people encounter in life, especially regarding relationships, but not only.
If you are inspired to do so, please ask for a free discovery session

Heidi and MarkAbout Mark Davenport
American Midwesterner, frequent visitor to and now resident in Italy.  Degrees in English Literature and Secondary Education preceded a Masters degree in Italian Literature from the University of Wisconsin.  Years of teaching at secondary and university levels were followed by ever more “human interest” years as a certified drug and alcohol counselor, then to more mellow years in retail, culminating in more years as a “full time” retired Floridian before coming out into life again in Italy with years of philosophical, psychological and spiritual study supporting my passion to bring all that “head” knowledge to a practical emotional, physical and behavioral level where true transformation out from the decades of half-life so many of us experience.

About Margherita Crystal Lotus
She is an Intuitive Mentor/Healer/Author/Creative Artist and Consciousness Explorer and founder of The Crystal Lotus,com




Host MArgherita Crystal Lotus

Host and Guest: Heidi Hornlein

Guest: Ma rk Davenport


2:25 How Mark and Heidi met which leads to the show

3:00 about Heidi

3:40 about Mark

5:30 Integral relationships


7:16 the difference between the “Connections” -show and +thewisdomfactory

8:01 Who is WE?

8:31 About CONTEXT: a different direction in Wisdom FActory

9:10 The example of “Animal Communication”  in Connections and how the questions would be in WF

11.11 SUmmary by Margherita about “Connections”

12.05 Science as background: rationality – esoteric – integration

13.15 About limited worldviews and  integration

14:20 Who do we want to attract as viewers of the show

15:14 Who are the contributors

15:47 Example: Neuroplasticity

16:50 Intuition and spirituality meets scientific research

17:22 Summary: Guests

17:42 Margherita’s experience in studying mind and consciousness

18:19 Where do we start to create the community?

felt lack of connection and satisfaction/ the gap in the hearts/ something is missing

19:30 The loneliness of higher evolved people – connect those people who otherwise feel   “off”

20:13 Comment for Mark from Christopher

21:00 Where we start: 4 women and Mark as moderator

22:53 What is the end result of The Wisdom FActory?

23:50 Having created connection and collaboration and inspiration so that more people get interested in “Integral”

24:46 Help people in their individual development to end the war in the world by ending the war inside

25:52 Growing up together in relationships/ relationship-work/ get ready inside/ possibility space

27:58 Out of the creative friction new possibilities will arise.

29:17 Positive friction and alignment with the vision allows overcoming of fears and holdin back

29:41 EveRybody in the world has gifts to share – encourage people to look for their special gifts

30.42 Comments from Rayne D. Kristin D. and Tamara B. who suggests the book: “The magical approach. Seth speaks about the art of creative living”

32:32 What Integral is all about: from “heads on sticks” to embodiment of the ideas

33:20 Open minded people, ready to see their own subject from different perspectives


34:30 Comments from Kristin D. and Christopher P.

35:00 The levels of growth + example: what can and cannot be understood by people of the egocentric level

36:45 Comment by Tamara B.

37:36 “Education” is NOT equal to intelligence

37:36 HArdly anybody WANTS to integrate – the job of Integral to find what is “right” about what people believe in their level

38:32 Comment Krisin D. “Being in love with ideas…”

39:40 Education is NOT equal to “Wisdom” – What is “WISDOM”?

41:26 Stewards of “Integral Wisdom” and be the Container for that = Main IDEA of the WISDOM  FACTORY

41:49 “sleeping people” and “Integral Theory”?

42:15 Brief history of “EVOLUTION”, very young concept, new: “Conscious evolution”

43:15 Integral can help to decrease the gap between those who HAVE and the HAVE-NOTS

44:30 closing words of MARK

45:20 Comment by Pamir…. reminding that the word for “heart” and “mind” is the same in many Asian languages

45:45 WOMEN after the “evolution” of the women’s liberation can accept MEN as peers

46:20 Connections Overview




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