Get Self-Confident to Sell in your Business

Confidence to sell: Tips and Mindsets for your business with Adele Michal

In this episode of Connections Margherita Crystal Lotus and Heidi Hornlein interviews Adele Michal. You will learn how to use  simple techniques to get rid of the fear of selling and presenting yourself to the world of your potential clients from a holistic point of view. So if you are a coach, therapist, healer, alternative practitioner or trying to sell your product this is for you!

Adele is also offering you a Free Gift!Adele Michal

Adele Michal helps mission-driven women in business make more sales by becoming more authentic and magnetic while selling with integrity. She teaches her clients how to enter a “peak state” so that they create win-win situations for themselves and their prospects in every sales conversation. By developing and using an optimal selling state of mind and body, her clients close more sales to the right people, make more money, and fulfill their mission of serving through their business.

Welcome to CONNECTIONS Forum for Relationships, Expression and Healing.

Our show offers single episodes and short series of talks and interviews regarding the most important areas of human life, such as: Relationship Issues, Personal Expression & Self-development, and as well Healing of these areas.

The purpose of our shows is to give inspiration and to teach skills with which to handle the emotional upheavals in which everybody ends up from time to time. Join us for more ground breaking topic! if you are a presenter and want to be on our show contact Margherita at:  gems @

Your Hosts:
+Margherita Crystal Lotus Intuitive Mentor/Healer/Author/Creative Artist and Consciousness Explorer.
+ Heidi Hornlein. Transformational Relationship Coaching/Integral Practice/ Integral Voice Training, Paradiso Integrale Live Coaching Retreat

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