HEALING FOODS and MOODS – with Marianne West

We live in times of increasing illnesses – and increasing consumption of chemical drugs to heal these illnesses. The paradoxical thing is that these drugs cause illnesses by themselves. In many countries – like in Italy where I live – the number one cause for death is NOT cancer, but the inappropriate use of medicines. This doesn’t really appear in the news, the pharmaceutical industry wouldn’t like the people to be well informed about this fact. But there are ways to know better THANKS TO THE INTERNET. You can get a lot of Info – and that then can be rather overwhelming. Watch for a guideline through the jungle of HEALING here: 

So far my words: Adelheid/Heidi Hornlein

57897_465963173053_1903117_nHere the words of Marianne West:
CANCER: You have cancer. Coming from your doctor, this is probably one of the most dreaded sentences and we really don’t want to hear it. Ever! Well, almost 3 years ago, my husband heart just that sentence, and about 12 years ago, so did I. (Marianne West is speaking)

His diagnosis was prostate cancer and these were the options giving to him:
– We take out the prostate – possible side effects: impotence and incontinence
– We give radiation – possible side effects: impotence and incontinence
– We do nothing and in a year or two, we take out the prostate- possible side effects: see above
And of course all the other complications which can come along with surgery or radiation treatment.

Well, heck no! We have only been married for a couple of years and even the remote possibility of those side effects didn’t seem like an option to me. Luckily, my husband agreed. There is something about guys and their “performance”, but that is an entirely different subject.

After dealing with the fear, shock, denial and so forth that typically comes up around the “You have cancer” diagnosis, the search for a better way began. Living in San Diego, CA, we are lucky to have several “alternative” Institutions, and the common denominator we found was – drumroll please – FOOD and Lifestyle. Sounds simple, right, but boy, was it a journey!

We did settle on the Gerson Therapy and during the show, we will touch on a lot of the trials and tribulations we personally had and I love to direct you towards some others who have healed serious cancers by drinking Carrot juice and some other things we will share with you.

Some recipes:

Gerson soup
1 medium celery knob
(or 3-4 celery stalks)
1 medium parsley root
garlic as desired
2 small leeks
1 1/2 lb tomatoes or more2 medium onions
1 lb. potatoes
a little parsley
Put in 4 quart pot and cover veggies with distilled water

Carrot-apple Juice
3 Carrots (6oz)
1 Green Apple (6oz)

Carrot Juice
7-8 Carrots

Green Juice
Romain Lettuce
Swiss Chard
Beet Tops
Water Cress
Some Red Cabbage
Green Bell Pepper

About Marianne West

Born and grown in Germany she left for America after the death of Cancer of her father  more than 30 years ago. She courageously explored the new life, had 3 children – and 2 grandchildren, more in arrival – and she dived into many paths of knowledge and expression: Creating a business (grocery), she was active in the Leche League, in new age and religious groups, she became a writer, a  Yoga teacher, also laughter Yoga.
As a passionate gardener Marianne discovered Permaculture in 2011 and felt a sense of homecoming or being able to give a name to what she was already practicing. Healthy food – from growing to eating and sharing, environmental activism, community building and yes, even teaching Yoga, fits into the practice of Permaculture. Since then, she has spend countless hours of selfstudy via books and the awesome internet, has completed 2 Permaculture design courses, one local and one with Geoff Lawton, founded TOP Organic Edibles Garden club (TOP = Transition, Organic, Permaculture) and has been co-organizing San Diego Permaculture. She has been attending Permaculture Voices Conference and numerous workshops from community organizing to growing food. She frequently teaches classes and workshop and recently organized and hosted the first Women’s Permculture Convergence in San Diego. Marianne is also driving her husband crazy (her own words!) by enthusiastically starting new, often big projects and having much going on at the same time…..

Why the Gerson Diet works: A comment of Dr.Hinrich Hörnlein-Rummel on the event-page (Translated by Heidi Hornlein):

+Hinrich Hörnlein-Rummel

Dr. Gerson, a doctor on the staff of the well-known Dr. Sauerbruch, developed a therapy for tuberculosis and was so successful with it that he  disagreed with Dr. Sauerbruch who preferred to do surgery for lung tuberculosis instead of a then traditional method, a special diet and therapy.

Dr. Gerson’s therapy is based on antioxidants which he derived from vegetable juices taken orally, but also included rectal enemas, as well as liver paste and coffee.

It is interesting to note that the acid of coffee is half the of the molecule of turmeric.

Today we know that turmeric blocks all Signal paths of the cancer and is now even recognized by oncologists as an effective agent. The papers have been published first by an American scientist, Dr. Aggarval only a few years ago.

The effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy lies in the fact that the cancer cell differs from the healthy cell only in one regard: the cancer cell has switched off the mitochondria which are cell organelles which use oxygen for the production of energy. When you burn sugar for the production of energy “free radicals” are produced. They are highly energetic substances which damage the cell if they are not buffered by anti-oxidants.

If a chronic oxidative stress should arise for endogenous or exogenous conditions, there is an overload of the free radicals.  Then the cell has the choice to perish or to switch off the main source of the oxidative stress which is the mitochondria. If this happens, then the cell switches to fermentation, the situation of the metabolism of the cancer cell. At the same time the cell lacks control, which also depends on mitochondria, and the cell de-differentiates.

With the fermentation continuing, lactic acid is created which is the starter for the cell division and the growth of the cancer begins. From a certain size resettlement occurs and the cancer goes into metastasis.

The high dosage of anti-oxidants in the Gerson Therapy removes the oxidative stress and leads in time to the fact that the mitochondria which are still in the cancer cell, but inactive, respond again and sugars “burn” again with oxygen. This leads to the fact that cancer cells can rebuilt themselves into normal cells and the cancer is defeated.

This sounds easy, but it costs a lot of time and a really radical shift in lifestyle!

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