Listening with Sound and Silence with composer Stefan Levin

What can Silence can do for your Listening experience?

Stefan Levin1The pause in the constant chatter will interrupt the mind far more effective than increasing the volume. To create transformative music the silence is the best tool to present the carefully paced notes. In this episode, Swedish composer Stefan Levin is interviewed where we discuss what and how silence affects the experience of listening.

Stefan Levin’s is a prolific creator of performance and ballet music, music for film, and other works in a style he calls “Nordic Noir”.  His compositions has an international following, and recently been performed in New York, Havana, Amsterdam and Venice.

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Stefan is born in Sweden with a background as a classical guitarist soloist, guitar teacher and has a keen interest in reflecting the silence and sound in nature. One of his current projects is called House of Silence, a community project with the purpose to create different sound rooms where people can go and experience what silence and sounds really means by experiencing them. The benefit  is he says is to actually learn how to listen, reflect upon, and how to enjoy our sound experiences.

Stefan is married with the world renowned ballet dancer Gunilla Hammar, and also the father of their two daughters, who at the age of 8 and 10 performed at the Elle Fashion Gala in Stockholm with the band “Sister” with the tune “The war is over” (by Levin/Bucchieri/Maksic).   Connect with Stefan on his websites: 1075575_10152342042764803_376405883_o 1795980_10152309133229803_549123316_o

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