Elemental CUISINE – with Pamela Ziemann (by Heidi Hornlein)

Have you ever thought about that your success in life AND in your business ultimately depends and you being HEALTHY? How could you work for hours and hours on your project, keep every essential thing in your mind, be aware about what to do next if you don’t have clarity in your head, if you feel tired and exhausted, without energy and you just drag yourself along – becoming ever more exhausted?

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 5.30.34 PMWhere does this exhaustion come from? Overload of task, yes, maybe. BUT do you prepare your body, mind and spirit for the tasks you are facing? Do you give yourself what is needed to cope with the situation and go through it with a feeling of joy and energy as opposed to anxiety and depression?
What we put into our bodies has an enormous effect on what we can do in our lives. We cannot expect to eat food full of poison and without nutritional value – as many fast foods are – and then be energized and happy. To the contrary, the body consumes extra energy to cope with the crap you have put into it which is then not available for you and your work.
So: what to do? There are many different ideas about that – but all agree in the suggestion : EAT HEALTHY FOOD

photoAnd not only: The conversation goes from food to energy: How we eat our food makes a difference, even how it is prepared. Joy and anger during the preparation process transmits into the food and to the people who eat it. And the growing process of the plants is deeply influenced by the energetic field. Experiments with music in greenhouses show clearly that the growth of the plants is enhanced – or slowed down – according to the music which continuously comes from the loudspeakers. When they played my favorite composer, BACH, the plants literally embraced the loudspeakers. – A PLANTS EXPRESSION OF LOVE. Imagine if you could eat plants grown in that way – instead of being bothered by chemicals and all sorts of mistreatment….


Pamela knows what it’s like to take a stand against the status quo and make changes necessary to thrive. After facilitating groups around the world and writing the award winning book Giving Voice to Your Cause she enrolled in culinary school and graduated from Living Light Culinary Institute. She’s been trained by Jeffrey Smith of the Institute of Responsible Technology. Pamela maintains a whole plant-based diet. Her mission is to raise awareness about healthy food choices AND show others how to nourish themselves for mental clarity, optimal weight, increased energy, restful sleep and emotional well-being.

Pamela knows that discussing vegan food choices with loved ones can be challenging. With her 15+ years of communication skills and improvisational theater, she educates participants on how to communicate effectively with others.

She’s a certified facilitator of the World Peace Diet and taught leadership skills and personal development courses since 1996. Pamela graduated from Mankato State University with a degree in Business Administration in 1980 and worked in the corporate world for 10 years. She’s studied the works of Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Brian Clement, T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Dr. Janice Stanger.



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