Art as a conduit for Conscious Evolution with Darinka Blagaj

Art is an experience that may transform the viewer. Art is play that engages our imagination and how we see the world. Art is the door to our mind. Great Art transforms the mind. Meet a great artist who has dedicated her life to life and share how to open this door in our mind, so we can have transformational experiences that change lives. In this episode #57 of Connections Forum we have invited a very special guest Darinka Blagaj. She will share with us some of the experiences of energy work that is connected with Art.

In the creation of great art there is true transformation and the artist is the channel of this energy. In great art we can see, feel and experience this, if we allow it. Art is not just a picture, or a form – It is energy as well!. Join us for an energy experience in which you can experience this first hand. When true feelings are activated your life appear more happy, your intuition is engaged, and your relations blossoms.

Darinka Blagaj is a keynote speaker, experienced creative catalyst and fine artist, who let you experience yourself as a dynamic master of aligning energy in the NOW. She delivers insight, presence, personal & group activations by engaging the people present in the power of the moment. For 27 years as she has been on the leading creative discovery path of the unfolding Now. Her mission is to live in the opened heart. And to facilitate this she has created the community project:

Connections Forum offers single episodes and short series of talks and interviews regarding the most important areas of human life, such as: Relationship Issues, Personal Expression & Self-development, and as well Healing of these areas. The purpose of our shows is to give you inspiration and also to teach you new skills with which to handle the issues which are connected with Art as a conduit for conscious evolution.

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