Eat, Love, Pray to Create, Live and BE with Christine L. Bowen

ChristeneHow would YOU name the essentials of LIFE? Well, you might have watched the famous film and got touched by it as I was: the eternal research of us humans for LOVE and CONNECTION. Food is an essential thing – and also a source for expressing our creativity and sense of beauty. It is an essential part of living a good life and celebrate life together, isn’t it? People always express their prayers, in the traditional way, with music and art, in meditation, in many forms. One way is consciously living, consciously BEING in the present moment, or, with other words: Living fully!

Knitting souls togetherCREATIVITY is the fundamental principle of LIFE, of evolution in general and in our personal unfolding. We are all creative even when we are not aware of it. And we all can expand and develop our creativity to become able to enter into our full human potential.

We will explore these topics in the video below with our special guest Christine L. Bowen.

ABOUT +Christine L Bowen Here is what she says:

My name is Christine L Bowen. I am a creative, outgoing, and authentic person whose core values are Absolute Faith & The Golden Rule. I live presently, love wholeheartedly, laugh regularly, and I am extremely passionate about living life to its highest potential and teaching others how to do the same. As the Co-Creator of The Create.Live.Be™ Movement, my mission is to inspire rising entrepreneurs to reset their creative mindset for success by empowering them to apply the principles of The Create.Live.Be™ Philosophy — Your Reality… Create It with Vision, Live It thru Action, Be It as a Result.

This is the formula that enables me to resist limiting beliefs, tap in to creative thinking, and take action every day to fully experience all that life has to offer and I believe that anyone, who desires it, can apply this philosophy to their own lives to truly experience the lifestyle they were designed to live. If you are a fellow Network Marketing professional, a fellow heart centered entrepreneur, or simply a person who strives for success in business and in life, I invite you to join me for this awesome & liberating ride! Just imagine the possibilities and opportunities that await us! Let’s connect at CONNECTIONS FORUM and explore them together!

About your hosts
Heidi, +Adelheid Hörnlein
Is  native German and living in Italy for the past 30 years. she have an MA in communication science, was a professional singer, voice teacher, voice therapist before she was licensed in Gestalt Counseling and Transformative Coaching (Approach: ‘Feminine Power’ and related). She is also licensed as transformative leader, that is holding seminars and courses, live and online. Her passion is 1:1 coaching for whatever difficulties people encounter in life, especially regarding relationships, but not only. If you are inspired to do so, please ask for a free discovery session by connecting with her on G+ or via our website: ThePowerOfRelationship.Com Please Subscribe to her website and YOU TUBE CHANNEL

+Margherita Crystal Lotus  is an intuitive Life/Business Mentor, who helps professional women overcome emotional overwhelm and stress, and restore their energy so they can have fulfilling relationships, and watch their career flourish. Margherita also have several ways to help her clients: To find out more about the new crystal seminar series, please visit her website:

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