From Discord to Harmony

DSC_9374Humans seem to live in continuous discord and conflict – and in the bottom of their heart they desire peace and harmony. And what we often do is creating something which looks like harmony from the outside but more often than not it is only a curtain which we construct to cover our “inability” to enter into real harmony.
Destiny? – No! When we change our perspective on what we perceive as disharmonic we gain the ability to see and live the harmony behind all things – and from there literally create harmony where conflict resided before, like in our relationships with other people.

We will start with the harmonic system of sounds, known for thousands of years and only lately brought into the awareness of the Western World by Harmonic chanting or Overtone singing where an infinite harmony is creating itself. From there we will go to explore how to harmonize the inner voices, the often contrasting sounds which reach our inner ears. Finding a way to harmonize these voices gives us the possibility to harmonize the world around us. Our possible CONTRIBUTION to create PEACE AND HARMONY ON EARTH


About your hosts:

Heidi, (+Adelheid Hörnlein) A native German and living in Italy for the past 30 years. I have an MA in communication science, was a professional singer, voice teacher, voice therapist before I was licensed in Gestalt Counseling and Transformative Coaching (Approach: ‘Feminine Power’ and related). I am also licensed as transformative leader. I am holding seminars and courses, live and online. My passion is 1:1 coaching for whatever difficulties people encounter in life, especially regarding relationships, but not only. If you are inspired to do so, please ask for a free discovery session by connecting with me on G+ or via our website:http://ThePowerOfRelationship.Com Please Subscribe to our website and to our YOU TUBE CHANNEL

I am +Margherita Crystal Lotus     I am an intuitive Life/Business Mentor, who helps professional women overcome emotional overwhelm and stress, and restore their energy so they can have fulfilling relationships, and watch their career flourish. To find out more about me and my services please visit my website:

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