What does it need to develop your video presence online? – with Rayne Dowell (by Heidi Hornlein)

Are you somebody who enjoys watching Hangouts and Video of others, maybe even participating in the comment stream, but thinking to yourself –  *I COULD never do that sort of thing*? Do you feel too shy, do you fear to show your face online or to say or do the wrong thing at the wrong moment?
The GOOD NEWS are: IT IS POSSIBLE, even for YOU!
Rayne_DowellAnd if you have sometimes the fancy idea that i”t would be great – IF..”, well, then  our show with our special guest +Rayne Dowell is the right place to go. She shows you how you can develop your unique online video presence
It is a process, a learning curve for everyone of us, we all have started at ground zero and become a hangout hero as +Lisa Engles calls her famous Minicourse.
Learning to be in front of a camera and many people watching you is an exciting step in your personal development path. So if you want to tap into your potential, to explore what is possible in life, come and get inspired by +Rayne Dowell

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