the “GOLD KEY RELEASE”: Get Free from Stuckness and Conditioning – with Lawrence Gold (by Heidi Hornlein)

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*Lawrence Gold is a Teacher and Coach in SOMATIC EDUCATION*

Lawrence G+ profile picHe has a huge following on YouTube and is spreading the word – and the practices – about his powerful procedures which help you to get rid of stress and pain. In our show here on *Connections Forum* we intend to introduce him and his work and invite you to his upcoming free training where you can experience his method and learn how to work with it for the benefit of your friends or clients.

*Lawrence says*
I have been working with the *TetraSeed Procedures* (the official name of Lawrence’s work H.H.), myself, with individuals, and with small groups. I feel that the time has come to see how larger groups do with them. In the upcoming course will have a “beta” test group to evaluate that question, as I have a larger project in mind.

In this video Lawrence  present his work and answers questions about the technique and his upcoming FREE TRAINING. You will also hear testimonials of people who have already worked with him:

Scott Marshall and Gertraut Wergst talk about the enourmous benefit they had by doing the GOLD KEY RELEASE guided by Lawrence  for one time only.

Imagine how you could overcome old loads and barriers – and help others, too, when you have attended the free 7-week training offered by Lawrence GOLD!


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