Marketing for Coaches & Healers: How the right words will attract your ideal clients with Cindia Carrere

cindia_carrereMost Coaches and Healers are not prepared to engage in selling, but marketing is essential for making a good business. In this episode #81 we will discuss about using the right words in your messages. The right words leads to the right clients, which we want to have.

Our special guest Cindia Carrere is a trusted Intuitive for Entrepreneurs who counsels Coaches, Authors and Speakers on how to make confident and profitable business decisions. Whether you’re trying to increase your visibility, confidently express your value, or grow your financial and self worth — you need an aligned energy grid in place. With laser precision, Cindia’s unique energy alignment and intuitive strategies quickly reveal, remove and heal the invisible blocks standing in the way of her clients’ goals.

About Connections Forum

Connections is a Forum for Relationships, Expression and Healing. We broadcast on Google Hangouts On Air on Thursdays 10 am EST, 4 pm CET.

Connections offer talks, interviews and short miniseries on relevant topics within the basic human interactions. The nature of human communication is to convey what we want to express, but may be blocked by obstacles across gender and cultural barriers. That is why we have decided to focus our weekly show on Relationships, Expression and in dept discussions on how to deal with or heal these issues, which arises for most people sooner or later.

Your hosts:

Margherita Crystal Lotus is an intuitive Mentor/Healer, Author, Creative ArtistMargherita:Google and Consciousness Explorer. Margherita helps stressed and overwhelmed professional women overcome emotional turmoil, and recover their authentic self, and be happy and confident. She is the author of: The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals. She runs a Private Healing Retreat in Kingston Ontario, Canada where she receives her clients. Visit her website:

Heidi Hornlein is from she is a transformational coach, DSC_9315 copia Kopiea relationship counsellor and a voice therapist, who works with people who don’t feel yet fully realized in their life. She helps them to explore their full potentials and to live a deeply fulfilling happy life in love and joy. She is also the founder of Paradiso Integrale, a virtual and a physical space in Italy where she welcomes you as a guest and with Mark, her husband, and holds retreats and courses, live and online.

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