Creativity, Art and Music what about YOU? – with Scott Marshall (by Heidi Hornlein)

lotusAs children we are very creative, we draw and paint, create objects with all sorts of material and we enjoy what we are doing. Then there comes some adult and tells us that it is not right what we are doing, we should do it in this and that way – and, bang! Most of us stop doing what we liked so much and we leave art to “real artists” which seem to be something really special from that point on, who know what they are doing.
In my opinion the “real artists”  are those human beings who were lucky enough to keep this source and spark of creativity alive, who didn’t get stopped in early age and were allowed to explore creatively the world whenever and however they like.
One of those is Scott Marshall  whose continuous explorations of what is possible with colours and lines, with instruments and voice is very exciting to witness. My next iBook “THE ERA OF CRISIS” will be illustrated by his lovely colourful pictures of the present stage of his artistic explorations, (you can download the actually newest book for free at http://TheWisdomFactory. De)

In our show Scott sings and plays some of his songs, shows you some of his artwork and talks about his exploration of techniques which lead to these stupendous results.

About Scott Marshall . Scott is an Integral Practitioner ( ILP), Special Educator, meditator, runner, musician and artist – he has created our event banner!
Scott says:   I make art in conventional ways such as on canvas, and also with computer devices.  The art object has always throughout history been an evolutionary force in the individual as well as the collective.

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