Having Fun while Ageing – with Mark Davenport

DSC_9360In our age and time our life seems to go faster and faster. So How do we enjoy our life better instead of racing along like a speed train? The answers to this question  will be given by our special guest Mark Davenport.

+Mark Davenport   is an American Midwesterner, frequent visitor to and now resident in Italy.  Degrees in English Literature and Secondary Education preceded a Masters degree in Italian Literature from the University of Wisconsin.  Years of teaching at secondary and university levels were followed by ever more “human interest” years as a certified drug and alcohol counselor, then to more mellow years in retail, culminating in more years as a “full time” retired Floridian before coming out into life again in Italy with years of philosophical, psychological and spiritual study supporting my passion to bring all that “head” knowledge to a practical emotional, physical and behavioral level where true transformation out from the decades of half-life so many of us experience.

Here the main topics addressed during the conversation:

00:00 – 04:04 Preliminaries and Introductions

05:03 – 07:00 Margherita begins the questioning and Mark reports his youthful impressions of “old people” whom he now than they were then, and older than they were when they died!

07:04 – Margherita asks Mark how he stays young (at 74 years old).  Mark wants to look at what has happened in the meantime and what a surprise getting old is.

09:10 – 10:09 “Nobody gets out alive!”

10:12 – Nice words from Heidi and some talk about fears already faced and learning slowly.

12 :58 – 14:00 Finally things changed when Mark reached his 60’s and the delight of being child-like.

14:00 – 15:05 The concerns of adulthood and the postponing of pleasure

15:14 – 15:59 “What makes you so happy right now?”

16:15 – 16:27 Heidi calls Mark a chatterbox, but in German it’s a bit stronger!

16:30 – 18:44 Margherita asks: Is there some part of Mark not expressed.  His dreams answer.

19:00 – 19:34 Some  watchers relate to this and Heidi denies wanting to be young again.

19:54 – 20:31 Wrinkles!

20:41 – 23:01 Mark reflects on the drama that is a life span: The way they go out is a reflection of the way they were (in life), using his mother as an example.

23:31 – 24:07 Heidi expands on the example.

25:00 – 25:55 Do we get wiser with age?

25:57 – 28:00 Margherita tries to get Mark to give advice, but he resists.

28:00 – 30:02 Heidi gives some “behind the scenes” examples of his advice

30:15 – 31:00 A watcher tells of how he remembers and will treasure just a moment in time.

31:00 – 32:53 How savoring moments can become a spiritual practice and how that contrasts with how we were raised

33:25 – 35:39 How do we pass precious moments?  Slow wake-ups, unlike the past

35:41 – A watcher asks: Is it the mind set or the perspective?  Response: It’s the perspective first!

36:50 – 37:45 Examples of how that works

38:17 – Some fun with women’s ages

40:03 – 41:00 Age is not a matter of age!

41:57 – 42:26 Heidi has never had as much fun as she does now.

42:53 – 46:32 Use it or lose it!  Margherita and Heidi pry the secrets of geriatric sex out of Mark’s reluctant mouth, and Heidi adds her perspective

46:40 – Margherita asks Heidi what regarding aging has made the most difference in her life.

47:35 – 49:54 Lingering concerns…and visions
50:00 – Takeaways, final remarks, good-byes and thank you’s.

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