A Sound Journey; Predictable to Uncertainty Future with Ros Betts

We all start out with certain ideas about how our life should go. We invest a lot of effort in making it go as we had planned, sometimes it works out – and sometimes we meet major obstacles and set backs which we better don’t ignore. These are the turning points in life when we reconsider our values and why we are really here on earth. Join us in this conversation With Ros Betts and Margherita Crystal Lotus.

Acting accordingly to our consciousness shift is not always easy. More often than not it turns out to be our biggest challenge – and our biggest gift at the same time. Things become possible we had never dreamt of, fears fall away and a new courage develops in ways that we are no longer dependent on certainty – which was really never present before, what we now can see from this different perspective.

Many of us have met the shift and overcome the challenge  and explored the gift connected to it. Everybody on their own way.
In today’s episode we ask Ros Betts about her journey from a predictable future into uncertainty, we will learn about her passion for sound healing and many other things. The story told by LIFE.

download+Ros Betts  writes about herself:
Coming from a fairly normal upbringing on a farm, to marrying and raising a family at the same time as building a business with my husband, it was what could be considered a predictable future that lay ahead.
Not what happened …. After a divorce, I changed and grew. As I began building a new life, learning massage and a few other techniques to be able to help other people through various levels of body, mind and spirit dis-ease, I found my passion in using my voice and instruments to help myself heal.

Contact Ros: Rainbow Gold Bodywork

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