A Journey to BLISS through Yoga – with Marites Florentino (by Heidi Hornlein)

marıtes 2When the Eastern Philosophies entered the West in the 60ies of the last century many people started a spiritual path which was truly different from what Western Churches had offered so far. Meditation came into fashion and people reached unexpected realisations – or disappointments when it didn’t work for them. Most meditative paths keep the body still, work only on the mind. But Yoga does the opposite: using the body for certain goals:  It was “illumination” originally, then it became a common tool for fighting our modern conditions like stress and to get into relaxation through the Asanas, through body positions which extend and challenge the habitual physical state.
Actually, practicing YOGA isn’t confined to one or the other. What it certainly is: a journey into deeper states of experience of self and of existence. Our Guest +Marites Florentino  will share with us how Yoga can bring us moment to moment bliss, joy and awareness as we  unite our mind, body and spirit.
In the show Marites talks about her path to Yoga and how she is helping others to discover it, too. She guides you in a short exercise, so have your mat ready!

About +Marites Florentino
MARITES FlorentinoMarites’  journey from the corporate world to the wellness industry started from the time she had her first ever foot and leg massage! With a very busy work life and a work-to-death attitude managing a team of professionals for 10 years, pampering herself was alien to her but when she did, her life was never the same.

In 2009, she started practicing yoga after being inspired in her first yoga retreat that year. After 3 years of personal practice and having benefited not just physically but more on mentally and emotionally, she decided to take it to the next level to teach yoga. February of 2012, she took a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Intensive Program with TRIBE Yoga to which she is very proud to be part of. She became a member of a tribe with wonderful, inspiring teachers and supportive, kindred yogamates. She had the best program which resonated to her personally and to her teaching style eventually. Immediately when the season started in the summer of 2012, she began teaching yoga classes and embarked on another mission of inspiring and touching the lives of her students and the people around her who have witnessed her own transformation.


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