What a writer does for business

cherryl chow with elvisInterview with Cherryl Chow, professional writer, about what a writer does for business.

Cherryl Chow has been working as a writer and editor for decades. She has written poems, short stories, newspaper features, magazine articles, and books, including “Hypoglycemia for Dummies” and “The Encyclopedia of Hepatitis C and Other Liver Diseases.”

She is currently working on her first debut novel, a Young Adult sci-fi, as well as launching her blog on excellence in writing through optimizing your brain, http://www.PeakPerformanceWriting.com.

Passionate about health and fitness, Cherryl is training to become a health and lifestyle coach to help people upgrade their performance in creative fields such as writing.

Cherryl was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and is fluent in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. She has lived in Taipei, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon, Chicago, and Boulder, Colorado. She now lives in the Silicon Valley in California with her husband and two cats.

Live streaming at 12 noon, 24 March, 2016:


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