Done-for-you Interviews and Content creation for YouTube

Are you an entrepreneur, small business owner such as a: coach, mentor, writer, or want your product that helps people to live a better life?

Want a solution to authority building and non-salesy content creation, featuring  your topic and how you help your clients in an interview live streaming format. Take a look at some of the interviews  we have done so far. There are over hundred episodes recorded here on

What are required for professional done-for-you interviews that makes you stand out from the crowd?

  • You have to have an internet connection and a webcam, to be featured on our show.
  • Provide a short 200 word bio and a profile photo

We take care of the rest.

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Testimonial for Done-for-you Interviews


Tandy pics and videosI had the honor of interviewing with Margherita  and Heidi through their Hangout Connections Show. They both helped me feel comfortable and the conversation flowed easily. Margherita spent time with me before the interview going over all the technical aspects of google hangout and this helped me prepare (and I learned new things about Google Hangout). I enjoyed working with these ladies and recommend their show to other amazing women as a way to expand their reach.

Tandy Elisala, CPSC,

cherryl chow with elvisI recently had the honor of being interviewed on Connections: Forum for relationships, expression, and healing. As I have only done audio interviews before, not video, I was a bit nervous. But the hosts Margherita Crystal Lotus and Heidi Hornlein were so warm, supportive, and friendly, I immediately felt comfortable. They are excellent hosts who really know how to put their guests at ease.

They asked interesting, intelligent questions that I enjoyed answering. I think that they are providing great value to their audience with their program. It benefits both the guests and the audience. As the name implies, it is a great way to make connections. They are building a virtual community by giving visibility to their guests and putting together people who may otherwise never meet. 
Cherryl Chow, professional writer and editor

Ken ElliotI really enjoyed being on the show with Heidi and Margherita. Their interest and enthusiasm was contagious! Their insights and questions kept me on my toes and together we made a great video interview.
Ken Elliott, best selling author

Dolores 1When I was interviewed by Margherita and Heidi at Connections it was a very positive introduction to the live interview process.

Before the interview Margherita expertly guided me through the technical aspects, with a practice run.  Her friendly instruction and answers to all my questions put me at ease. 

 At the time of the live interview I felt relaxed and was able focus on and answer the questions with the depth of knowledge and passion that I have for my subject.

Connections offers a introduction into live interviews at a level that would not otherwise be available to me at this early stage in my business.

Dolores Storness-Bliss, food expert & meal planner