About Heidi

 Heidi Hornlein – known on G+ and Facebook as ADELHEID HÖRNLEIN.

She says: We come to this world to fulfill a unique mission – and often we pass most of our life to find out what exactly  this mission is. – and when we are humble enough we might find it with all its implications, fulfillment and fatigue , happiness and overwhelm – and finally we can  hold the complexity and stop to search for the RIGHT as opposed to wrong. This is the liberation.

I am passionate about helping people to uncover their unique potentials. That’s why I am mainly focusing on  Transformational relationship coaching. I am also a certified  “Transformational Leader” and  Integral Practitioner. That means that everything I am doing is deeply inspired and influenced by INTEGRAL Theory and Practice as outlined by KEN WILBER.  I have developed the  Integral Voice Training,  an effective way to uncover your authentic DSC_9443voice – literally and  figuratively – ,  including body, mind,  spirit and soul.

I am the Host of “Paradiso Integrale”, a guesthouse and retreat in Umbria/Italy. PARADISO INTEGRALE is  also the name of our Association to produce  various types of content, courses and online events like e.g.Hangout Shows, as well as meetings, courses and conferences live in person.

Find out more on *ThePowerOfRelationship.com* and *Integralvoice.de*

and very soon at: *TheWisdomFactory.com*

Here is what a clients says about the VOICE TRAINING:


Here is what a participant of a Women’s retreat says:

Here is what a participant of a couple’s retreat says: (in German)

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