Limitless with Joy – a conversation with Joy Nelson

Are we able to transform negative experiences into a positive outcome?

Sure we are, we only need to know how!. Let’s ask Joy Nelson who has a rich experience in transforming herself and in helping others to transform their lives into something positive.

Joy, as a coach and healer,  presently supports female healers and entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level

She will talk about transformational tools like Creative Visualizations, which can be applied not only in business, but also in all areas of your personal life, especially when facing issues in Body image, sexuality and intimacy

Joy Nelson in natureABOUT JOY NELSON

Beyond her role as mother to 7 spirited children and wife to her soul mate, Joy Nelson is a Social Media Marketer, Relationship Coach, published author, world renowned Blogger & the founder of Limitless With Joy. Her life’s mission is to empower others to stop doing and start living without limits.  

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Higher Brain Living: Neuroscience’s Revolutionary Breakthrough – with Craig Polsfuss (by Heidi Hornlein)

In the last few decades neuroscience has made huge progress. We know today so many things about how our brain functions and why certain methods and practices can influence our brains. The eastern meditative traditions knew much of that intuitively from direct experience, now our western science “catches up” and shows us the material events happening in our brains when change  happens. And we want to change our lives towards the better, don’t we? So we need to find a way to influence our mindsets we are living in. As most of it is unconscious, we cannot do it just by DECIDING to do so and use our WILL power. Transformation happens on a deeper level and we need to be guided on our way. We need to learn to live on “higher vibrations”, as we often hear in the New Age scene. How do we do it?

In this weeks episode we have invited +Craig Polsfuss who is engaged in higher brain living and will introduce you to this amazing approach to realizing our higher potential.

About Higher Brain Living:
After 30 years of researching modern science and ancient wisdom, Dr. Michael Cotton discovered a mind-body “touch point” code that opens and completes mind-brain circuitry for optimal health and functioning.
No other known method produces such a powerful organic energy surge to the pre-frontal cortex – the most highly evolved part of the brain made for change and high-end experience, functioning and consciousness.
Higher Brain Living amplifies all other productive practices, like meditation, yoga, fitness, etc.

Craig PolsfussAbout +Craig Polsfuss
He is holistic psychologist and Director of Professional Outreach & Education for Higher Brain Living, will introduce and discuss this profound advancement. Change agents looking for the next level of transformation – personally, professionally and globally – should especially attend.

“Each person is far more than they realize. My aim is to help awaken those interested to a living realization of this, and an opportunity to join a growing team of others doing the same.” Craig Polsfuss
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CONNECTIONS FORUM is a live online show hosted by Heidi Hornlein and Margherita Crystal Lotus. In the past 2 years we have offered 100 episodes with amazing guests who shared their piece of truth and their experience with us and our audience.

Our commitment for the next years is offering a space for people who want to be interviewed on their subject and use the video for their own marketing purposes. We offer coaching for overcoming camera shyness, for finding your authentic voice and we train you in all aspects of a live appearance.
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About Heidi +Adelheid Hörnlein

Heidi is a trained Gestalt Counselor, a transformational life – and relationship coach, an authentic voice coach and last not least an experienced show host and moderator. She has worked with Margherita since 2013 in the CONNECTIONS show. She is also hosting +Wisdom Factory ( with her husband Mark Davenport with guests grounded in an integral view of the world. Together with Mark she is delivering webinars and courses aroundpersonal relationships in the second half of life( and

About Margherita: +Margherita Crystal Lotus is an Intuitive Healer and Author with a background in Hypnotheraphy (NATH) and Science (BSc). She has over the last 18 years assisted over one thousand professional women, (and some men) overcome stressful issues and reclaim their energy and confidence via on-line programs and private mentorships. She is also the author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals, and recently, Where Heart Touches Matter – Chakra Colouring Book and  Course.

How Can YOUR Thoughts Manifest? – with Ken Elliott

Imagine you could think about something you want to have in your life – and it comes into existence. Did that ever happen to you? And why do you think this can happen – and will happen if we use thought in the right way?

If you don’t believe in “those things” or don’t know how to explain them to yourself,listen to the recording of our show with our special guest Ken Elliott. He has written a book about it explaining this phenomenon in detail. His insights have the power to change your view of the world and what is possible for you.

Ken Elliott is an award winning, bestselling author & artist who has been on showcased on media all over the world. Ken has learned how to manifest items both big and small, first creating his desires on the Other Side and watching those thoughts take form in our physical world. Ken is living a life that many call “magical and miraculous.  Over the last 20+ years Ken has been teaching others these simple techniques so they can create the life that they desire.

Ken says:
Ken Elliot

As a person that grew up in the art business, I have certainly seen and have developed a good understanding of art in a market context. As someone who was selling art I saw firsthand the joy and life-changing capabilities that art can bring to us including the buyer.

Later I went from being an art dealer to be coming an artist, and after years of remarkable experiences, I published a book on manifesting with new information about how thoughts actually take form. It is knowledge that is revolutionizing the field.

I feel I have a magical life making art and helping people create beautiful changes in their lives.

Personally I have used manifesting to improve my career and those of other artists and in the most magical ways.  I have learned to apply creative concepts as a painter to creatively build the lives we desire.

Understanding How Thought Can Create Suffering -Elizabeth Lykins

Each human being has a unique perception of reality, that colors everything about their view of the world around them. The brain is constantly active, connecting events, memories, and associations, past and present, with patterns that suggest the possibility of similar future events. When we latch onto any random thought and focus on it, the brain then creates its own perception of the meaning of these thoughts, with the physical body responding “as if” the imaginings are real. The problem with this is that we begin to think that our thoughts and feelings are coming from events outside of us, and not from our own thoughts at that moment. Besides creating significant personal emotional suffering and stress, this habitual and toxic process, also creates both physical and mental illness. The realization that human intelligence is only a tool for functioning in the physical world, can allow each of us to fall out of habitual, toxic thinking and tap into our innate wisdom; the formless self behind the physical form that has access to universal thought and insight. That realization changes everything and connects us to who we really are!

Elizabeth LykinsAbout Elizabeth Lykins
Elizabeth Lykins is a transformational coach, strategist, consultant, and US trained medical provider. With more than 20 years of experience working in medicine in a variety of disciplines, Elizabeth uniquely blends her medical skills and training with her knowledge of how the human mind works, to maximize results with her clients. She is passionate about helping individual and business clients to better understand the three universal principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. This understanding leads the client within, where they will discover their own innate wisdom. Elizabeth’s specialty areas include stress management, relationship improvement, improving quality of sleep, nutrition, and weight optimization. She also consults with healthcare providers desiring to add nutrition and weight management services to their practices. She currently resides in Santa Cruz, California.

A Journey to BLISS through Yoga – with Marites Florentino (by Heidi Hornlein)

marıtes 2When the Eastern Philosophies entered the West in the 60ies of the last century many people started a spiritual path which was truly different from what Western Churches had offered so far. Meditation came into fashion and people reached unexpected realisations – or disappointments when it didn’t work for them. Most meditative paths keep the body still, work only on the mind. But Yoga does the opposite: using the body for certain goals:  It was “illumination” originally, then it became a common tool for fighting our modern conditions like stress and to get into relaxation through the Asanas, through body positions which extend and challenge the habitual physical state.
Actually, practicing YOGA isn’t confined to one or the other. What it certainly is: a journey into deeper states of experience of self and of existence. Our Guest +Marites Florentino  will share with us how Yoga can bring us moment to moment bliss, joy and awareness as we  unite our mind, body and spirit.
In the show Marites talks about her path to Yoga and how she is helping others to discover it, too. She guides you in a short exercise, so have your mat ready!

About +Marites Florentino
MARITES FlorentinoMarites’  journey from the corporate world to the wellness industry started from the time she had her first ever foot and leg massage! With a very busy work life and a work-to-death attitude managing a team of professionals for 10 years, pampering herself was alien to her but when she did, her life was never the same.

In 2009, she started practicing yoga after being inspired in her first yoga retreat that year. After 3 years of personal practice and having benefited not just physically but more on mentally and emotionally, she decided to take it to the next level to teach yoga. February of 2012, she took a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Intensive Program with TRIBE Yoga to which she is very proud to be part of. She became a member of a tribe with wonderful, inspiring teachers and supportive, kindred yogamates. She had the best program which resonated to her personally and to her teaching style eventually. Immediately when the season started in the summer of 2012, she began teaching yoga classes and embarked on another mission of inspiring and touching the lives of her students and the people around her who have witnessed her own transformation.


What makes You Happy? With IT expert Bill Reed (by Margherita Crystal Lotus)

A flower of Happiness: The Pink Peony.

A flower of Happiness: The Pink Peony.

In this #74th episode of Connections Forum we will explore what makes you happy with IT expert Bill Reed. As a technical wizard of logic and structure it can be difficult to access the “other part” of our brain and be truly happy. Having Logic is not the same as being Happy. But we need both parts to live a fulfilling life. Logic has been a predominantly male attribute whereas expressing emotions might be considered as a more female quality. Now many men are waking up to the benefits of be emotionally available. Join us and learn how you can be happier!

Live broadcast on July 2, 2015:

About Bill Reed
Bill ReedHe says: Rule #1: Think for yourself and question authority. Especially when the authority is yourself. Rule #2: My life is no more & no less important than any other. I will make Today the Right day.  It’s the only day we ever have. Results oriented with 20+ years of experience and accomplishments in the IT industry.

So far this year, 2015, I’ve been enjoying writing a number of “menu-wrapper” scripts. Primarily in Python, but also with PowerShell & Bash. Python is nice because, if written properly, it can be quite portable between various operating systems as well as presentation layers. The wrappers I’ve written are primarily designed for execution at the command line. My personal definition of a “menu-wrapper” script is a script that provides the user with a menu-driven interface for running what would normally be relatively complex calls to other applications.

In 2014, I stayed pretty busy getting my hands dirty with data migration for a sizeable new Salesforce customer. Nothing like some good old fashioned ETL work when getting familiar with the inner workings of a new system/platform.

Prior to 2014, I spent several years deeply involved and focused on migration planning, system design, and implementation of Google Apps and Messaging.  The results of Google Apps implementations have been the successful deployment and migration of customers to Google Apps for Gov’t & Enterprise.

0416bfa1-838e-4c8c-bec4-262f80de5434 (1)While customer satisfaction has been vital in the success of these projects; more importantly, building trust with partners, customers and users has allowed for consistent transitions in the cloud computing model of doing business. (Views expressed here on Google+ are personal and do not represent those of my employer.)

“My “kinda lame-ass” Blog:

Bragging rights: Smart enough to know that I don’t know everything. But ask me a question, and I’ll find an answer. Maybe not be the perfect or even the right answer, but I’ll try”. Quoted from Bill’s Google+ profile

About Connections Forum
Connections is a Forum for Relationships, Expression and Healing. We broadcast on Google Hangouts On Air on Thursdays 10 am EST, 4 pm CET.

Connections offer talks, interviews and short miniseries on relevant topics within the basic human interactions.    The nature of human communication is to convey what we want to express, but may be blocked by obstacles across gender and cultural barriers. That is why we have decided to focus our weekly show on Relationships, Expression and in-dept discussions on how to deal with or heal these issues, which arises for most people sooner or later.

Your hosts:
Margherita 200pxsq+Margherita Crystal Lotus   is an intuitive Mentor/Healer, Author, Creative Artist and Consciousness Explorer. Margherita helps stressed and overwhelmed professional women overcome emotional turmoil, and recover their authentic self, and be happy and confident. She is the author of: The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals. She runs a Private Healing Retreat in Kingston Ontario, Canada where she receives her clients. Visit her

DSC_9374Heidi (+Adelheid Hörnlein )  is from she is a transformational coach, relationship counsellor and a voice therapist, who works with people who don’t feel yet fully realised in their life. She helps them to explore their full potentials and to live a deeply fulfilling happy life in love and joy. She is also the founder of Paradiso Integrale, a non-profit cultural association, a virtual and a physical space in Italy where she welcomes you as a guest and with Mark, her husband, and holds retreats and courses, live and online.

HOW CREATING BEAUTY INSIDE OUT can lead to a vibrant, ageless life with Joci James

Joci James

Joci James

In this episode we are learning from Joci James, 88 year old, about leading a vibrant, ageless life.

Because creating beauty is an innate part of her nature, she was led to have a career as a make-up artist and skin care specialist. It all started when she was a skinny, freckled faced kid. She was drawn to making Joci more beautiful. Then as a mature woman becoming a make-up artist and skin care specialist in Beverly Hills, she had the opportunity to study with some of the best European Skin Care Specialist in the U. S. All the while studying self help books and taking every course she could on living a quality life. She began to realize that no matter what we see in the mirror and how beautiful we look on the outside it is never enough until we see the beauty inside ourselves.

Episode #72 of Connections Forum on: Thursday June 18, 2015

Here is her Yoga Video:

That’s when she decided to become a Life Coach, to help people feel the beauty inside of them, which she calls BEAUTY FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Joci James is known as “The Life Strengths Detective.” She leads folks on a treasure hunt in search of their hidden talents and gifts. She has also earned the title of Octogenarian. She is 88 years young. When she is asked how she got to be this coveted age, she replies, “I am like aged wine, the older I get, the better I get.”

With her expertise, she is guiding people to discover, uncover and activate their treasures and to realize their deepest dreams. And to live their life and flourish with gusto. During her long life experience of facing what she believed to be unchangeable challenges, she engaged her resourcefulness, tenacity and creativity to overcome the many roadblocks she encountered and has emerged into a vibrant, strong, informed woman who has dedicated her life to guiding others to seek out and shine their brilliance to light a path for others to shine theirs.

Joci JamesShe says, “As I look back now at the events of how my life path was woven, there were disappointments that I considered a failure at the time but that turned out to be a golden thread that silently guided me to the next adventure with each one elevating me to a higher purpose.”

This finally led her to having her wishes fulfilled. But this slow climb is not she wants for you. This was a process of over 30 years! With the guidance she has planned for you, you will be able to accomplish your wishes in a laser like fashion without all the struggles and floundering around that she experienced.

Around middle age, was when Joci James started examining her purpose in life, she had no life map so she did a lot of stumbling around. Her dreams and desires had always been around beauty.

It all started as a kid of about 6 when she started the first grade. It was during the first Great Depression where lots of folks including her family barely had enough to eat. She lived in an “Oil Boom Town” where there were also a lot of millionaires. Some of the kids were chauffeured to school in limousines and lived in big 2 story houses with white columned porches. That’s when she knew she wasn’t one of the millionaires. Her family lived in a small 4 room (not bedrooms, 4 rooms) house that was painted brown. My, how she hated that house. But it did start a burning desire to make her surroundings as beautiful as she could. She would pour over her aunt’s Better Homes and Gardens magazines, dreaming of the home she would have someday. She was a skinny; red headed freckled faced kid and felt very ugly. Of course her brother didn’t help matters by calling her “red “and “peg-leg” She did not see the humor in it. As soon as she was allowed, she started playing around with make-up to cover up those pesky freckles. These days they are considered cute. One might say she has had a lifetime of being a make-up artist.

Fast-forward 44 years later; she was doing make-up for celebrities in Beverly Hills.

No one would be surprised that another passion of hers is gardening. Those Better Homes and Gardens magazines were the seeds that were planted in her mind that have bloomed and blossomed to a garden that she has today. She lives in a garden home with an interior a garden atrium including a waterfall. Most of the living area overlooks the garden that came to reality from those days pouring over Better Homes Gardens magazines. Her friends have named her home “Harmony House.”

These days the octogenarian Joci James spends her days helping women over 50 to feel their beauty inside and out.

She leads courses and workshops that are called “Power Surge for Women,” to recharge their batteries and learn innovative ways to accomplish whatever choices that the freedom of the second half allows. It is her passion to share some of those with other people who are facing a turning point in their life. Some of her other on line courses and workshops include, “Discovering the Best of You, the 4D’s and “Discovering the Best of Your, Dig Deeper” She wants people to have the opportunity to learn that the quality of their life has a huge impact on the enjoyment of life. And that there is a simple way to do this without it taking 35 years to achieve fulfilment.
Her life has taught her that each of us has a purpose for being here. She says, ‘We are as unique as our fingerprint and we are designed to fulfil our purpose. We must continually strive to discover the best of our selves. With this accomplishment comes peace and comfort.” Her brilliance is using her innate inner strengths and talents to guide you to your treasures and to be a torch that will light your way. This process will uncover your gifts and talents that will equip you with the tools to active your wishes to your realization of your chosen end results. She serves folks that are reaching a time in their life that allows them to have the freedom to explore options that will motivate them to employ their inborn strengths.
Another of her passions is to encourage folks to live their legacy now. By that, she means to understand how important it is to live each day so that when you do reach the end, you can be grateful that you have used up all your inborn gifts, that you have shared them with others and you will not die with your music still inside you, it will be radiating from others. Her mission is to provide a source of guidance for the tools necessary to uncover your unique gifts and serve as your guide to creating a roadmap of simple, doable steps to lead you to your desired goal.
A necessary process for discovering the best version of you is to take a inner strengths assessment to discover, uncover an utilize your best self and to stock of the best of you. It was when she discovered her unique gifts and talents and took action to design a process for others to realize theirs, that she felt her wishes were fulfilled.
Now, when she reviews the journey of her life, her recollection is not of regret and feelings of failure, her satisfaction is knowing that the roadblocks were what strengthened her, made her travels more interesting and even some of the roadblocks led to detours of rich encounters. Encounters that wove that Golden Thread into a road well-travelled led to a vibrant, glowing life.