How Can YOUR Thoughts Manifest? – with Ken Elliott

Imagine you could think about something you want to have in your life – and it comes into existence. Did that ever happen to you? And why do you think this can happen – and will happen if we use thought in the right way?

If you don’t believe in “those things” or don’t know how to explain them to yourself,listen to the recording of our show with our special guest Ken Elliott. He has written a book about it explaining this phenomenon in detail. His insights have the power to change your view of the world and what is possible for you.

Ken Elliott is an award winning, bestselling author & artist who has been on showcased on media all over the world. Ken has learned how to manifest items both big and small, first creating his desires on the Other Side and watching those thoughts take form in our physical world. Ken is living a life that many call “magical and miraculous.  Over the last 20+ years Ken has been teaching others these simple techniques so they can create the life that they desire.

Ken says:
Ken Elliot

As a person that grew up in the art business, I have certainly seen and have developed a good understanding of art in a market context. As someone who was selling art I saw firsthand the joy and life-changing capabilities that art can bring to us including the buyer.

Later I went from being an art dealer to be coming an artist, and after years of remarkable experiences, I published a book on manifesting with new information about how thoughts actually take form. It is knowledge that is revolutionizing the field.

I feel I have a magical life making art and helping people create beautiful changes in their lives.

Personally I have used manifesting to improve my career and those of other artists and in the most magical ways.  I have learned to apply creative concepts as a painter to creatively build the lives we desire.

What a writer does for business

cherryl chow with elvisInterview with Cherryl Chow, professional writer, about what a writer does for business.

Cherryl Chow has been working as a writer and editor for decades. She has written poems, short stories, newspaper features, magazine articles, and books, including “Hypoglycemia for Dummies” and “The Encyclopedia of Hepatitis C and Other Liver Diseases.”

She is currently working on her first debut novel, a Young Adult sci-fi, as well as launching her blog on excellence in writing through optimizing your brain,

Passionate about health and fitness, Cherryl is training to become a health and lifestyle coach to help people upgrade their performance in creative fields such as writing.

Cherryl was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and is fluent in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. She has lived in Taipei, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon, Chicago, and Boulder, Colorado. She now lives in the Silicon Valley in California with her husband and two cats.

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Understanding How Thought Can Create Suffering -Elizabeth Lykins

Each human being has a unique perception of reality, that colors everything about their view of the world around them. The brain is constantly active, connecting events, memories, and associations, past and present, with patterns that suggest the possibility of similar future events. When we latch onto any random thought and focus on it, the brain then creates its own perception of the meaning of these thoughts, with the physical body responding “as if” the imaginings are real. The problem with this is that we begin to think that our thoughts and feelings are coming from events outside of us, and not from our own thoughts at that moment. Besides creating significant personal emotional suffering and stress, this habitual and toxic process, also creates both physical and mental illness. The realization that human intelligence is only a tool for functioning in the physical world, can allow each of us to fall out of habitual, toxic thinking and tap into our innate wisdom; the formless self behind the physical form that has access to universal thought and insight. That realization changes everything and connects us to who we really are!

Elizabeth LykinsAbout Elizabeth Lykins
Elizabeth Lykins is a transformational coach, strategist, consultant, and US trained medical provider. With more than 20 years of experience working in medicine in a variety of disciplines, Elizabeth uniquely blends her medical skills and training with her knowledge of how the human mind works, to maximize results with her clients. She is passionate about helping individual and business clients to better understand the three universal principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. This understanding leads the client within, where they will discover their own innate wisdom. Elizabeth’s specialty areas include stress management, relationship improvement, improving quality of sleep, nutrition, and weight optimization. She also consults with healthcare providers desiring to add nutrition and weight management services to their practices. She currently resides in Santa Cruz, California.

Having fun with singing during the holidays

Do you enjoy to listen to someone who is singing? Well, even CATS do, did you know that?

Heidi and Margherita met several times on Blab to offer to the public Christmas Songs from their cultures. And the cat called Rosenmund became excited, pulled Heidi’s sleeve, searched for Margherita underneath the computer and finally limited himself by singing along with us!

Enjoy this episode from Dec.29 2015

Extraordinary Leadership During Extraordinary Times with Joyce Anastasia

*We have the collective dream of a more beautiful and thriving planet* by inspiring a call for leaders everywhere — from corporate executives and heads of state to ordinary individuals — to make healthier choices in their use of Power, Truth, Integrity, Wholeness and Dynamic Balance. Through shared wisdom teachings and compelling life stories from beautiful people all over the world, we can witness how to transform our lives, creating new paradigms from which to evolve.  By deeply exploring the 7 Vital Keys, we can also learn to rekindle a connection through our hearts, leading us to greater wisdom, reminding us of our miraculous nature and connecting us to All That Is.

This is an urgent, global call to uniquely transform within our own lives, in our families, in our countries and beyond.  Our mutual response is needed to help create the beautiful, more trusting world we know is possible.  Together, let’s LEAD WITH WISDOM

Please tell your friends interested in Creating a better world to watch our show!

About +Joyce Anastasia
Joyce Anastasia – 30+ years as a clinical psychotherapist, business
Analyst/Advisor, Peace Ambassador, Dual MA Multicultural Counseling/MFA
Connections is a Forum for Relationships, Expression and Healing. We broadcast on Google Hangouts On Air on Thursdays 10 am EST, 4 pm CET.  (This show will be nr.96 and our last one in this year 2015)

Connections offer talks, interviews and short miniseries on relevant topics within the basic human interactions.    The nature of human communication is to convey what we want to express, but may be blocked by obstacles across gender and cultural barriers. That is why we have decided to focus our weekly show on Relationships, Expression and in dept discussions on how to deal with or heal these issues, which arises for most people sooner or later.
Your hosts:
+Margherita Crystal Lotus     is an intuitive Mentor/Healer, Author, Creative Artist and Consciousness Explorer. Margherita helps stressed and overwhelmed professional women overcome emotional turmoil, and recover their authentic self, and be happy and confident. She is the author of: The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals. She runs a Private Healing Retreat in Kingston Ontario, Canada where she receives her clients. Visit her website:

Heidi (+Adelheid Hörnlein  )  from Heidi is an inspired Show host (see also +The Wisdom Factory ) and enjoys helping people to learn to be guests in live-shows and to set up their own show themselves. She is a transformational coach, relationship counsellor and a voice therapist, who works with people who don’t feel yet fully realized in their life. She helps them to explore their full potentials – for instance becoming visible online – and to live a deeply fulfilling happy life in love and joy. She is also the founder of *Paradiso Integrale*, a NonProfit, a virtual and a physical space in Italy where she welcomes you as a guest and with Mark, her husband, and holds retreats and courses, live and online.
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