Testimonials from our Audience

I must say that the past two years have been the toughest years in my entire life. We moved country and then we had to move three times before we found the right place. We started a new business. I left my old friends and clients behind. I do not mention all the other challenges here because there isn’t enough space to write them down 🙂  But as it often happens – when life is tough – I received a lot of help, support and guidance from “strangers”.

I am very grateful I met Heidi, Mark and also Margherita online. I started watching Connections and then Wisdom Factory. It was magic. Every time I had to deal with yet another difficulty I got inspiration and practical tools to deal with my situation. Or I changed my perspective and therefore was able to find out a solution.
It all happened online – with people I never met in person. They helped me by doing what they do well – and out of their generous Kate Barbourhearts. Therefore I believe it will come back to them abundantly. Thank you again and see you soon online!
Kate Barbour  

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