Meet a Floor Plan Detective – with Katherine Metz

What is a Floor Plan Detective?
Have you ever experienced to enter into a house and you feel joyous and inspired – and other times you enter into a place and you begin to feel uncomfortable and you desire not to remain inside? What is it that makes us feel in this way when we enter into flats or rooms? One thing is the presence of other people which can determine the energy which you perceive. But if there is nobody around, not even the personal items of somebody: What is it then?
And when you moved last time: what made you chose one house over the other? A certain feeling, I guess.

Well, in this episode of Connections Forum we will explore exactly this:What is the structure of a house or a flat telling us. How do you personally perceive it and the way you would draw the plant on paper would say a lot about your relationship with this house. Even if you didn’t design the house yourself originally and you enter into the story of the architect by choosing to live there, there is still your own story which can be seen and explored by looking attentively at the place, its structure, its unique way of being created and maintained.

Katherine Metz HeadshotAbout+Katherine Metz
Katherine Metz, the Floor Plan Detective, used to rearrange her neighbor’s gardens as a kid—without permission. When her mother sent her back to fix it, the neighbors always said it was much better. So began a lifetime dedicated to understanding the connection between the spaces we live in and the people we are.
Katherine is the go-to person if you want an answer that flows from H. H.Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun—having chronicled his teachings for 25 years and learned so much from him. With 30 years of experience, she has an innate knack for reading a floor plan and knowing the story of the house and its occupants, relating Feng Shui in a way that makes it relevant today.
Seeing a problem with new eyes, Katherine can show you how there is more to life than logic. By reading between the lines she has helped artists, movie stars, bank managers, CEO’s, designers and architects, professional poker players, race car drivers—people from all walks of life, all over the world.
She’s helped people get family members out of jail, find a job, find, sell and design houses, find a partner, and restore stability to their lives. There’s an art to reading a floor plan. By unveiling the reasons why life seems out of control, problems can be solved in a new way. Katherine truly brings mastery to the table, offering Feng Shui in a modern, accessible form, getting right to the heart of the problem.
She is passionate about beauty and color which is why you will find Feng Shui Storyboard such a delight. Combine that with an enquiring mind and a penchant for mystery – the Floor Plan Detective is born! Bringing all things unseen to light.
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