Higher Brain Living: Neuroscience’s Revolutionary Breakthrough – with Craig Polsfuss (by Heidi Hornlein)

In the last few decades neuroscience has made huge progress. We know today so many things about how our brain functions and why certain methods and practices can influence our brains. The eastern meditative traditions knew much of that intuitively from direct experience, now our western science “catches up” and shows us the material events happening in our brains when change  happens. And we want to change our lives towards the better, don’t we? So we need to find a way to influence our mindsets we are living in. As most of it is unconscious, we cannot do it just by DECIDING to do so and use our WILL power. Transformation happens on a deeper level and we need to be guided on our way. We need to learn to live on “higher vibrations”, as we often hear in the New Age scene. How do we do it?

In this weeks episode we have invited +Craig Polsfuss who is engaged in higher brain living and will introduce you to this amazing approach to realizing our higher potential.

About Higher Brain Living:
After 30 years of researching modern science and ancient wisdom, Dr. Michael Cotton discovered a mind-body “touch point” code that opens and completes mind-brain circuitry for optimal health and functioning.
No other known method produces such a powerful organic energy surge to the pre-frontal cortex – the most highly evolved part of the brain made for change and high-end experience, functioning and consciousness.
Higher Brain Living amplifies all other productive practices, like meditation, yoga, fitness, etc.

Craig PolsfussAbout +Craig Polsfuss
He is holistic psychologist and Director of Professional Outreach & Education for Higher Brain Living, will introduce and discuss this profound advancement. Change agents looking for the next level of transformation – personally, professionally and globally – should especially attend.

“Each person is far more than they realize. My aim is to help awaken those interested to a living realization of this, and an opportunity to join a growing team of others doing the same.” Craig Polsfuss

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About Heidi +Adelheid Hörnlein

Heidi is a trained Gestalt Counselor, a transformational life – and relationship coach, an authentic voice coach and last not least an experienced show host and moderator. She has worked with Margherita since 2013 in the CONNECTIONS show. She is also hosting +Wisdom Factory (http://theWisdomFactory.de) with her husband Mark Davenport with guests grounded in an integral view of the world. Together with Mark she is delivering webinars and courses aroundpersonal relationships in the second half of life(http://ThePowerOfRelationship.com) and www.TheWisdomFactory.de

About Margherita: +Margherita Crystal Lotus is an Intuitive Healer and Author with a background in Hypnotheraphy (NATH) and Science (BSc). She has over the last 18 years assisted over one thousand professional women, (and some men) overcome stressful issues and reclaim their energy and confidence via on-line programs and private mentorships. She is also the author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals, and recently, Where Heart Touches Matter – Chakra Colouring Book and  Course.

FUN is what makes LIFE WORTH LIVING – by Heidi Hornlein


Or, saying it the other way round: A life without FUN is NOT WORTH LIVING.

You might have many reasons why your life is worth living – and so do I, of course. Among them work, passion, mission, family, ideas, projects, relationships, love, nature….. All the things which we LIKE in our lives, which we try to expand and enjoy more and more.

And it is not always FUN to do that.

In the times where we cannot get FUN out of what we like doing then we need some inspiration to bring back the fun energy which lifts us up and makes things easier and lighter. Otherwise we end up disliking doing what at the bottom of our hearts we REALLY like because it became heavy and burdensome.

And here is the invitation to explore FUN together with us in the FUN & RELAXATION CHALLENGE online August 9-16.

We will propose some games and interactions which can bring back this fun-energy to you and expand it into curiosity and inspiration. You can watch on your device – or you can be live with us on video and bring in your suggestions about how to bring back fun into our lives that helps make it worth living!

Your facilitatorsScreen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.28.26Heidi and Margherita

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Meet a Floor Plan Detective – with Katherine Metz

What is a Floor Plan Detective?
Have you ever experienced to enter into a house and you feel joyous and inspired – and other times you enter into a place and you begin to feel uncomfortable and you desire not to remain inside? What is it that makes us feel in this way when we enter into flats or rooms? One thing is the presence of other people which can determine the energy which you perceive. But if there is nobody around, not even the personal items of somebody: What is it then?
And when you moved last time: what made you chose one house over the other? A certain feeling, I guess.

Well, in this episode of Connections Forum we will explore exactly this:What is the structure of a house or a flat telling us. How do you personally perceive it and the way you would draw the plant on paper would say a lot about your relationship with this house. Even if you didn’t design the house yourself originally and you enter into the story of the architect by choosing to live there, there is still your own story which can be seen and explored by looking attentively at the place, its structure, its unique way of being created and maintained.

Katherine Metz HeadshotAbout+Katherine Metz
Katherine Metz, the Floor Plan Detective, used to rearrange her neighbor’s gardens as a kid—without permission. When her mother sent her back to fix it, the neighbors always said it was much better. So began a lifetime dedicated to understanding the connection between the spaces we live in and the people we are.
Katherine is the go-to person if you want an answer that flows from H. H.Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun—having chronicled his teachings for 25 years and learned so much from him. With 30 years of experience, she has an innate knack for reading a floor plan and knowing the story of the house and its occupants, relating Feng Shui in a way that makes it relevant today.
Seeing a problem with new eyes, Katherine can show you how there is more to life than logic. By reading between the lines she has helped artists, movie stars, bank managers, CEO’s, designers and architects, professional poker players, race car drivers—people from all walks of life, all over the world.
She’s helped people get family members out of jail, find a job, find, sell and design houses, find a partner, and restore stability to their lives. There’s an art to reading a floor plan. By unveiling the reasons why life seems out of control, problems can be solved in a new way. Katherine truly brings mastery to the table, offering Feng Shui in a modern, accessible form, getting right to the heart of the problem.
She is passionate about beauty and color which is why you will find Feng Shui Storyboard such a delight. Combine that with an enquiring mind and a penchant for mystery – the Floor Plan Detective is born! Bringing all things unseen to light.
Visit Katherine’s websites at:

About your hosts
I am Heidi, (+Adelheid Hörnlein     )
A native German and living in Italy for the past 30 years. I have an MA in communication science, was a professional singer, voice teacher, voice therapist before I was licensed in Gestalt Counseling and Transformative Coaching (Approach: ‘Feminine Power’ and related). I am also licensed as transformative leader. I am holding seminars and courses, live and online. My passion is 1:1 coaching for whatever difficulties people encounter in life, especially regarding relationships, but not only. If you are inspired to do so, please ask for a free discovery session by connecting with me on G+ or via our website:http://ThePowerOfRelationship.Com
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I am +Margherita Crystal Lotus        I am an intuitive Life/Business Mentor, who helps professional women overcome emotional overwhelm and stress, and restore their energy so they can have fulfilling relationships, and watch their career flourish. To find out more about me and my services please visit my website:  http://thecrystallotus.com.

Mental & Emotional First Aid: a 7-Step System to Transform Difficult Emotions

k10772027We are living in a very special time where old things fall apart and new ones try to emerge. It seems like the world has become crazy, sometimes, when we watch the news and all the awful things which happen all over the place. Fundamentalists try to stop the world from evolving, on the other hand the cyber-fans envision a world of robots and artificial intelligence where humans are not that any more what they are now.
Both groups – and many others – work with a mix of hyper-excitement and profound fear which often shows up in physical or psychological violence – to themselves and to others.

Humanity has gained huge knowledge about the world and has invented an incredible amount of fantastic things. But as a species we have not yet learnt to handle our emotions adequately and to become able to be in service of the greater good

Sure, some individuals have acquired emotional intelligence which allows them to live their life fully without being dominated by their own emotional conditions. But for to create peace in the world it is absolutely necessary that MANY of us learn to have a healthy emotional life, not to indulge in our emotions and be driven by them and also not to shut down our emotions for not feeling them any more. Both ways have led us into the present disasters.

We really need to find new ways to get into contact with ourselves and to become stewards of our own emotions in order to use them for our mission in the world in a positive way.

CroppedTeeMingHeadshotOur guest in this week’s show is Tee Ming Ooi, an expert in the field of personal growth and development.
She will share with you how to do “FIRST AID” when difficult emotions arise. She will lead you through her 7 steps of Transformation and also talk about WHY this system works.

Tee Ming Ooi is the creator of the Mental and Emotional First Aid Method and an intrepid explorer of the mind-body-spirit connections. She enthusiastically shares her discoveries, knowledge and experiences through being a transformational life coach, wellness workshop leader, “The Splendid Life Show” web TV producer and host, author of “5 Minutes to Less Stress”, and “Splendid Business and Life” digital magazine publisher. As a speaker, she is on a mission to teach 10,000 parents and kids about the “7-Step Mental and Emotional First Aid Method” to transform difficult emotions into creative opportunities for personal development, happiness and inner peace. Tee Ming loves bringing together experts on various topics of health, wellness, personal development, relationships and business development on her web TV Show and online conferences.
find out more about her at:
http://www.MEFirstAid.com   http://www.teemingconnections.com
http://www.linkedin.com/in/teemingooi/    @teemingooi

About your hosts:

Heidi Hornlein from ThePowerOfRelationship.com is a transformational coach, a relationship counselor and a voice therapist. She works with people who don’t feel yet fully realized in their life and helps them to explore their full potentials and to live a deeply fulfilling happy life in love and joy.

Margherita Crystal Lotus from thecrystallotus.com, an intuitive Life/Business Mentor, who helps professional women overcome emotional overwhelm and stress, and restore their energy so they can have fulfilling relationships, and watch their career flourish.