How can a women become more self-confident about her Business Idea? with Adele Michal

Adele MichalHow to get the right idea about your business, learn how to be confident about your creative idea that can lead to a prosperous business and a vocation.. Listen in  and attend this important event with Adele Michal. Connections Forum airs weekly episodes in the area of Relationship Expression and Healing. If you have  an idea that you may think have some value, listen in on this episode! You will learn the secrets and myths about being successful!


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Adele Michal helps mission-driven women in business make more sales by becoming more authentic and magnetic while selling with integrity. She teaches her clients how to enter a “peak state” so that they create win-win situations for themselves and their prospects in every sales conversation. By developing and using an optimal selling state of mind and body, her clients close more sales to the right people, make more money, and fulfill their mission of serving through their business.