What are your Inner Powers?

The inner powers of the Earth displays its force right up front when visiting the Swedish Archipelago, located not far from the arctic north. This large group of tiny islands is part of the oldest rocks in the world counting over 2 billion years.  During the last ice age 10.000 years ago 3 km thick ice pushed them down with brutal force. This made these paradise islands rise up out of the sea, transformed into smooth gems.

So what has the Earth to do with your inner powers?

The Earth models for us in a big way what is going on inside us! Being pushed down makes us want to rise up, and confronted with challenges create changes that may transform who we become. Perhaps you too have a place on the earth that inspires you and reminds you why you are here and what you special inner powers are? Read on below the video!

Anyone have inner powers to heal!

This is our number one inner power. We come prepared for healing already at birth. A wound heals if it is clean and protected when it is healing.  Emotional wounds can heal in the same way too, when we allow the healing to take place. If you look at these rocks rising out of the sea, you may see them as the things that comes up as you interact with others. And, when a person heal these inner triggers they do not cause him or her further problems. The ‘rocks’ are polished smooth. And his or her life has changed.

How can you recognize the triggers in your life?  You may recognize a triggering event by:

  • strong emotional experiences
  • automatic behaviors
  • a shift in your mind state

Strong emotional responses include both negative and positive reactions such as intense anger, or instantly ‘falling in love.’ Automatic behaviors include addictive tendencies such as: got to get that next cup of coffee, suddenly go shopping , or try to remedy that pesky sugar carving. In other cases a person may simply ‘blank out’ or forget what happened.  Or an insulting comment may cause instant discomfort, or low states of mind.  When you recognize you have been triggered, this is the time to start the healing journey!

Your Inner Powers automatically start working unless something blocks the natural energy flow.  For example: when you need help but do not ask for help (when you need it).

Why? Perhaps because of low self-esteem, self-confidence or lack of worth. To begin to feel better, and be in charge of your life it is important to become more aware. And, when you are aware of your triggers that is the turning point.

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Margherita is an author, healer and mentor who helps stressed professional women overcome past emotional issues and hurt.