Set Intentions that stick and stop struggling: Learn the core elements of how to set intentions that gives results

mv apple treeCreate your New Year with Intentions, not with wishful thinking, or resolutions that fail already the first week. Margherita Crystal Lotus, co-host of Connections Forum will share her take on how to set Intentions that stick, so you can follow through with them and receive your results. Intention setting is a tool for training your mind. Using Intention creates a system for how to manage critical areas of your life.


Starting something new is best done on a New Moon. Plant growers and farmers know this since ancient times. Before the new moon it is an ideal time to prepare consciously for what you want, desire and aspire to be. Set the records straight on what is not working now!  Margherita will present the 5 Core Elements of Intention setting that you can use right away.

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About Margherita Crystal Lotus: She is a holistic healer / mentor and has worked with over 1000 clients since she began her own Healing Journey to control and manage the mind. What she has learned about intentions over the last 18 years is that when a person is in control of his, or her mind that is the time when clearly formulated Intentions stick and give results. Margherita is the creator of “Your Healing Journey Training” that gives detailed ways to be in control of your mind and manage your life according to what your goals are. She is also the Author of “The Crystal Lotus Handbook –An Essential Guide to Crystals”


About Connections Forum: Heidi Hornlein and Margherita Crystal Lotus is now on their 2nd year of this show, which teaches you new ways to help you overcome the emotional ups and down that happens in life from time to time. This is episode #49

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About your hosts:

+Margherita Crystal Lotus Intuitive Mentor/Healer/Author/Creative Artist and Consciousness Explorer and founder of The Crystal Lotus
+Heidi Hornlein. Transformational Relationship Coaching/Integral Practice/ Integral Voice Training, Paradiso Integrale Live Coaching Retreat

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