Women and Hangouts – a strategy for success with special guest Virginia Parsons (by Heidi Hornlein)

The computer has revolutionised our lives if we wanted it or not. I remember my resistance to spending time in front of the screen instead of taking care for my vegetable garden or just being outside in Nature. Then the laptop arrived where I didn’t need to be looked on the desk any more – and I began to fall in love with computers. Even more so when I discovered Google Hangouts and the phantastic possibility to connect with people live and to broadcast into the world whatever we like. WOW. It took me some time to learn about all that but it was – and is – really worthwhile. I couldn’t have had the success I have without the help of people who had done the same path before me. Not only in the inner path we need guidance, also in the very practical things in life – if we want to avoid to loose too much time in trial and error.

Parsons Virginia cropped DSCF9525Well, our special guest for our conversation here, Virginia Parsons  is such a go-to-woman. She is one of the pioneers who dig deep into the possibilities which Hangouts give to all of us and she has made a real big jump of success with her online Show and with the work she is doing with others to support them in their learning.
Today we will ask her how she built up her online success, how it is like to be a renown show host and what advice she will give to people who would like to create a similar presence. Her show is addressing especially women – as we women have some special hurdles to overcome regarding visibility in public life, but men can equally get benefit from Virginia’s wisdom.

So if  you are looking for the fastest path to grow a loyal list of followers and become recognised as a leading authority then today you will find the answers  by   founder of Hangout Marketing University, which provides beginning to advanced training and certification in Hangout Marketing and Live Stream Technology.

Known as the Hangout Mentor,  Virginia teaches proven marketing and course creation strategies to help coaches and entrepreneurs reach new heights of visibility, social influence and success.  Her motto is Step out of your shadow and SHINE as the Go-to-Expert.



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